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Portable Media Resources – to Accompany DAI356 Lecture by David Cox, SFSU

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Genius of Design – Better Living Through Chemistry – BBC doco on design – section on Transistors, then early Sony Radios then Walkman starts at 40:44 through 46:17

The Boombox Project

Boomboxラジカセ Creators – Documentary Preview

A New Set of Social Relations – essay by David Cox on Wearable Computers

Cassette recorder museum
Vintage Cassettes
Compact Cassette | Museum Of Obsolete Media
Spime – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ambient Findability: Talking with Peter Morville « Boxes and Arrows
Boomboxラジカセ Creators | Searching for the creators of the iconic boomboxes!
Blog | stereo2go
Electronic Plastic: a museum of handheld and tabletop games from the 1970s and 1980
Wearable Drone Camera story in Daily Mail (UK)

New Aesthetic Archive

Links on the Sony Walkman]<

History of The Walkman


Sadie Benning – PXL Vision Film maker