Song Lyrics “To Die for a Lie”


A mistake on the ground
I could end up in space forever!

(Korolev: We hear you!
We hear you!)

Fix it down there! (or) I’ll wander up here – forever!

(Korolev: Forgive us o Seagull!)

To wander alone
In my Vostok!
A woman so far from home
Not mine to control!

Its too soon to die
For a lie
That too quickly becomes the truth!
That too quickly becomes the truth!


When I touch the ground
The secret I’ll keep forever
(Korolev (John): Forgive us O seagull)
Don’t punish the man
Who’s mistake almost
Lost me forever

We take our chances in life
I took mine and now
I return to Russia
The first woman in space

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