Part II – Lunar Modules

“Lunar Modules” is an Original Mini-Opera to be staged at Artists Television Access Gallery (Other Cinema) “Lunar Modules” about the Apollo Moon Landings October 17, 2015.  Composer/Arranger David Cox

“Lunar Modules” represents part two in David Cox’s three-part “Rocket Opera” in which here the events of the US Apollo/SaturnV landing on the moon are presented in audiovisual grand musical performance. Baritone John Smalley and Soprano Rachel Levin lead the Cox ensemble as the themes explore the existential, aesthetic and technical shapes, forms and ideas of 1960s cold war space-race USA. The focus is upon a German Rocket Engineer and a well known MIT female software engineer whose work on the DSKY navigation computer for the Apollo space program helped save the lives of the crews.


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An Operetta by David Cox. Art Direction: Molly B. Hanktwitz, Live musicians: Percussion: Jonathan Parnell, Wind Instruments: Zachary Fischer, Guitars: Jono Jones. Keyboards: David Cox, Singers – Soprano Ania Samborska, Baritone: John Smalley, Soprano: Rachel Levin