Part III – First Women in Space


Back with the finale of his Rocket Opera trilogy is Mission Renaissance man David Cox! His ensemble epic consummates his quest for a musical translation of the Space Race, especially in the figures of Tereshkova and Ride. His keys cue collaborators Ania Samborska, John Smalley, Rachel Levin, Jonathan Parnell, Zac Fisher, Jono Jones, Molly Hankwitz, and Simon Cox.

Other Cinema – 992 Valencia Street San Francisco December 3rd 8:30pm – $9

Part 1 of the show

Part 2 of the show

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An Operetta by David Cox. Art Direction: Molly B. Hanktwitz, Live musicians: Percussion: Jonathan Parnell, Wind Instruments: Zachary Fischer, Guitars: Jono Jones. Keyboards: David Cox, Singers – Soprano Ania Samborska, Baritone: John Smalley, Soprano: Rachel Levin