Cosmonauts on the Moon performed live Other Cinema on 8th November 2014

ATA Gallery – 992 Valencia Street, San Francisco,

Saturday November 8th

As part of the LO-FI SCI-FI event

The second of our GENRE-X sessions is on failed or corrupted initiatives into new technologies, and the fabulous mise-en-scenes that result. David Cox’ lofty Soviet Moon Fails is in fact a latter-day operetta about the doomed USSR lunar-landing program, with orchestration, twin screens, and John Smalley as lead baritone! CO-BILLED: Kevin B. Lee’s Transformers: The Pre-Make, a genius digital deconstruction of blockbuster-fandom-via-social-media. ALSO: Andre Perkowski’s Virtual Boys, on the new trend of consumer VR headsets, the third of the 20-min. premieres above. PLUS: Shanna Maurizi in person with her Late Night with Carl Sagan, Soda_Jerk’s new cyber-feminist Undaddy Mainframe, Aaron Zegher’s Conspiracy, Megan Prelinger’s Rockets of Yesterday, Jordan Belson’s space oddity, and The Numbers Stations Mystery! Mini-heli in the house!! $6.66

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An Operetta by David Cox. Art Direction: Molly B. Hanktwitz, Live musicians: Percussion: Jonathan Parnell, Wind Instruments: Zachary Fischer, Guitars: Jono Jones. Keyboards: David Cox, Singers – Soprano Ania Samborska, Baritone: John Smalley, Soprano: Rachel Levin