Song Lyrics “Look at all the Stars”

Look at all the stars!
How many there are
It takes a billion years
For the light to reach us here

More than all the grains of sand
On Sea or Land
Let me hold your hand and
Scan Orion and
The Belt of Van Allen

Round and round
The spiral forms
Each one a galaxy
And there are billions and billions
And billions and billions and…

Song Lyrics “Glow of the Earth”

Glow of the Earth
What does
Dark matter mean?
What’s the matter when
Holocene becomes

We shaped the earth
It’s like a stack
Tech eats the earth
Life fights back

Go to the Earth
All we need is there
No one else needs us
Get off that bus!

Glow of the Earth
What does
Dark matter mean
What’s the matter when
Holocene becomes

Song Lyrics “Institutional Inertia”

Don’t ask
Don’t tell
When the shit his the fan
And it all goes to hell
If you screw the pooch
You blow the promotion
Best to leave well alone
Cause no commotion

It’s the other guy’s fault
You’re not to blame
I don’t want to know
So leave it alone

No one will notice
When all hell breaks loose
When the big man says do it
You don’t get to choose

So do as you’re told
There are rules within rules
And no one EVER tells you about those
You want to die for a lie?
You’re on your own

You want to die for a lie?
You are very much on your own…

Song Lyrics “Flames Appear”

Flames appear
Fragments like memory
Now are scattered here
I often think of us
And the way the wind played upon
Your hair
It’s all horizons now
And the flickering candles
That demonstrate the air
It’s all star fields now
And memorials
And dedications rare
But what I remember most
Is the wind upon your hair

Song Lyrics “Sally Ride”

Now as Earthrise
Fills my mind
As a memory
I find
The mysteries of all the Skies
Are ours to philosophize

Orbit, angle
Schemes I see


In my mind
Something unfolding
A central finite
Moves beyond
To Endless Void


Song Lyrics “To Die for a Lie”


A mistake on the ground
I could end up in space forever!

(Korolev: We hear you!
We hear you!)

Fix it down there! (or) I’ll wander up here – forever!

(Korolev: Forgive us o Seagull!)

To wander alone
In my Vostok!
A woman so far from home
Not mine to control!

Its too soon to die
For a lie
That too quickly becomes the truth!
That too quickly becomes the truth!


When I touch the ground
The secret I’ll keep forever
(Korolev (John): Forgive us O seagull)
Don’t punish the man
Who’s mistake almost
Lost me forever

We take our chances in life
I took mine and now
I return to Russia
The first woman in space

Song Lyrics “Valentina”

I used to hear the trains
Such a distant and lonely sound
And driving that train
To some place so distant
Was a dream
A wonder for dream to me

I looked up at the planes
As they crossed through
The blue Russian sky
And imagined myself
Flying and falling
Laughing as I embraced
My destiny

I rode the Vostok round the earth
They say there’s a first time for
For everything
When I landed back to earth
It was my own voice I heard
that was singing

Song Lyrics – “Don’t Aim your Missiles at Me Man”

Don’t point your missiles at me, man
Or I’ll point my missiles at you
Got ourselves a crisis on a global scale
Invade us and we’ll blow you to hell
So don’t point your missiles at me, man
Or I’ll point my missiles at you

You got your rockets
We got our missiles
Russian Missiles
On Cuban soil HEY

Kennedy wants to send in the troops
Castro Khrushchev, push the button
Castro – Khrushchev – Kennedy – BOOM!

You got your missiles
We got our rockets
US Rockets
In Florida HEY!