Song Lyrics “Valentina”

I used to hear the trains
Such a distant and lonely sound
And driving that train
To some place so distant
Was a dream
A wonder for dream to me

I looked up at the planes
As they crossed through
The blue Russian sky
And imagined myself
Flying and falling
Laughing as I embraced
My destiny

I rode the Vostok round the earth
They say there’s a first time for
For everything
When I landed back to earth
It was my own voice I heard
that was singing

Song Lyrics – “Don’t Aim your Missiles at Me Man”

Don’t point your missiles at me, man
Or I’ll point my missiles at you
Got ourselves a crisis on a global scale
Invade us and we’ll blow you to hell
So don’t point your missiles at me, man
Or I’ll point my missiles at you

You got your rockets
We got our missiles
Russian Missiles
On Cuban soil HEY

Kennedy wants to send in the troops
Castro Khrushchev, push the button
Castro – Khrushchev – Kennedy – BOOM!

You got your missiles
We got our rockets
US Rockets
In Florida HEY!

Soundcloud playlists of Lunar Module Rehearsals – First Women in Space

The first demos

Tiki Room 1

3rd rehearsals

Tiki Room Late October 2016

Underhaus 1 late October 2016

Zacs house 10/28/16

John Smalley’s House

Zacs house 11/4/16

Tiki Room 11/6/16

Zacs house 11/11/16

Underhaus 11/18/16

Rocket Opera – Part III – “First Women in Space” – to be performed at Other Cinema on 12/3/16



Back with the finale of his Rocket Opera trilogy is Mission Renaissance man David Cox! His ensemble epic consummates his quest for a musical translation of the Space Race, especially in the figures of Tereshkova and Ride. His keys cue collaborators Ania Samborska, John Smalley, Rachel Levin, Jonathan Parnell, Zac Fisher, Jono Jones, Molly Hankwitz, and Simon Cox.

Tickets $9 at the door on the night

Other Cinema – 992 Valencia Street San Francisco December 3rd 8:30pm

for more information visit: